Afacan Gençlik Merkezi

Afacan is a non-profit meeting center run by people from Berlin and Istanbul. We have been organizing cross-cultural youth exchanges for many years and have created a place on the Aegean coast where people from near and far can come together, get to know each other, learn from each other, play, create and have fun together, discover new things and see old things from a new perspective. Getting to know each other means no longer being “foreigners.”

Our facilities can house sixty to seventy people at a time. We’re set up to host children’s and youth groups, but adult study or travel groups as well as families and individuals are just as welcome.

The meeting center first opened its doors in 2004, but it continues to grow and evolve. Afacan will always be what we – our guests and everyone who works on the project here, in Berlin and in Istanbul – make of it together.

Afacan belongs to the foundation Umverteilen! Stiftung für eine, solidarische Welt. The Er-Fahren working group is responsible for the project together with the Afacan team in cooperation with Gençtur Istanbul.

It is our hope that our guests will recommend the Afacan meeting center to others. So many different kinds of people could come together here. We have plenty of ideas, but our resources are limited. We are thankful for all kinds of support, be it in the form of ideas, new groups, money or contacts.

Afacan is open for everybody – spread the word!