Gönüllü Hizmetler Derneği is active in voluntary field for 38 years. Our main activity area is short term international voluntary work camps. We send around 400 Turkish volunteers to 86 countries all over the world and receive around 200 foreign volunteers in our short term voluntary projects in Turkey.

Gönüllü Hizmetler Derneği is also active in EU – Youth Programs since 2000 as a partner. We have got our first accreditation in 2007 as soon as Turkey became a program country.  Gönüllü Hizmetler Derneği is accredited as coordinating – sending and hosting organisation. We are promoting EVS among young people and acting as an information and counselling center.

Gönüllü Hizmetler Derneği, sends and receives participants for youth exchanges as well. We are regularly sending around 15-20 participants annually for different youth exchange projects, trainings or seminars.