International Voluntary Work Camps

International Voluntary Work Camps are aiming to help the local communities and NGO’s by the voluntary labor contribution of international volunteers. GENÇTUR cooperates with local goverments, municipalites, NGOs or schools to organize work camps all year around but mainly in the summer and lasts 1, 2 or 3 weeks. All camps are open for volunteers over 18 years old and there is no age upper limit but most of the participants are between 18-30 age group.Volunteers receive free board and lodging in return to their voluntary labor contribution.

Volunteers mainly work in manual projects like painting schools, paving roads, planting trees, landscaping etc. Apart from the manual work types, practising English with school kids, councelling in summer children camps, working with disabled people, are the other type of work in GENÇTUR workcamps. Daily work is 6 hours and we work 6 days in a week. Free days activities are organized by the group leaders according to the wishes of the participants.


Apart from international workcamps with no age limit, GENÇTUR also offer special work camps for ;

    • Teenagers (14-17 age group) ,
    • Senior volunteers (+35 age group),
    • Families
    • Groups

To join in a work camp in Turkey by GENÇTUR, please write us your country of residence and we will send you the contacts of our partners in your home country.

If you are living / studying in Turkey and interested in joining in a work camp in Turkey please write to  and ask for application form.